Minimalist Swimming Pool Design Inspiration for Home Backyard

"Minimalist swimming pools can be a solution for those of you who want to have a private pool at home."

Minimalist Swimming Pool Design Inspiration For Home Backyard
Minimalist Swimming Pool Design Inspiration For Home Backyard

“Minimalist swimming pools can be a solution for those of you who want to have a private pool at home.” – Enjoying the weekend by swimming is certainly fun. Especially if you have your own swimming pool, of course it will be more fun. If the backyard is still not fully utilized, building a private swimming pool can be an attractive option. To have a swimming pool, actually you are not required to have large land. Utilizing a backyard area that is not too wide is also very possible. A private pool certainly has many advantages. It can also add to the elegant impression of your residence. And here are some minimalist style house pool design concepts that you can make as a reference.


Pool Houses with Rectangular Shape

The concept of a single pool house might be one of the most frequently encountered. With a simple design, it’s no wonder that many people have swimming pools with this rectangular shape. Add a large umbrella and a sun lounger on the side of the pool to give a tropical impression.


Minimalist Swimming Pool Form P

Bored with the usual pool design? Try a minimalist pool design in your home with the shape of the letter P as shown below. P-shaped minimalist swimming pool can provide an exciting and not boring experience. You can add a variety of plants that give a varied impression around the pool area.


Modern Minimalist Pool

If you want a swimming pool with a modern appearance , this one design idea is right for reference.Two parts of the pool have their respective functions. The long section for cold water pools and small sections is intended for soaking. With ash accents and additional lights, this modern minimalist pool will be able to look even more elegant at night.

Minimalist Pool Circular Shape

In addition to the P form, you can try to build a swimming pool in a circular backyard. The shape of a small pool like this is perfect for relaxing with family at certain times.


Simple Swimming Pool

Not only makes the backyard more attractive, a small swimming pool can add to the aesthetics of the exterior of the house more and more beautiful. Especially if you also have a family room area or communal room right next to the pool area. Togetherness that will add to the atmosphere of togetherness.


Irregular Curved Pool

This one minimalist pool will be right for those of you who want to look eccentric . With an irregular curved design, this backyard swimming pool certainly has an unusual, unique and different form from most home swimming pools. Additional stones that resemble mini waterfalls and flowers add to the uniqueness and beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Tiny Pool

The backyard area is not too large and will not stop you from having a swimming pool. Small minimalist pool as shown in the picture will not consume a lot of land. In order not to feel “bland”, you can add a lounge chair around the pool area as an area to relax and or maybe laze around. The idea of ​​this design also makes the concept of a back garden or backyard more pleasant isn’t it?

Indoor Swimming Pool

There is nothing wrong with placing a minimalist swimming pool inside the house. Indoor minimalist pool  as in the picture  certainly can provide more privacy when compared to outdoor swimming pools in the backyard. Swimming pool indoor also reportedly believed to conserve the use of chemicals in treatment. This is due to its location which is not directly exposed to sunlight which makes chemicals in the pool water do not evaporate quickly.


Well that’s some of the minimalist swimming pool design concepts that you can try in your home. What minimalist pool design do you like?

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